Stoneware Human Emotion Animals Sculptures Created by Beth Cavener.


A Washington-based artist Beth Cavener sculpts human-sized animals from clay and other materials in both dramatically overt and subtly ambiguous displays of emotion. Cavener received a bachelor’s degree in Sculpture from Haverford College and a Master of Fine Arts degree in Ceramics from the Ohio State University.

Beth explores human psychology in intensely expressive clay sculptures of animals. By using animals as her vehicles, Cavener attempts to lay bare the darker aspects of humanity, from carnality and self-loathing to insecurity and apathy. He creates large animals that each appear to wrestle against their implied captivity. The works can be viewed as animals in the throes of domestication, however, beneath the surface lies a peek into our own human psychology. Cavener projects these emotions onto her sculpted clay figures, showcasing the primitive animal instincts that lie beneath our own exteriors. The anthropomorphic sculptures are infused with juxtapositions that depict the extremes of both human emotion and animistic behavior predator and prey, love and hate, fear and peace.

Presenting to you the remarkable sculptures by Beth Cavener. You can see more art on his Instagram page.

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