Eye-Catching Colorful Layered Paper Sculptures By Maud Vantours.


Young Paris based artist and designer Maud Vantours loves working with paper, which is evident in her elaborate and colorful layered paper sculptures. Vantours, Designer and Visual Artist, lives and works in Paris, after having followed an art curriculum specialized in textile design and materials research at ESAA Duperré, Maud launches her own freelance activity.

Sheets of colorful construction paper are carefully overlapped to form vast circular pools of pigment, descending towards an unseen depth; angular and symmetrical motifs are created through the distinct layering of meticulously hand-cut shapes; botanical patterns are realized as multidimensional, multilayered structures; and dramatically different hues oscillate to create colorful paper mountains. Color, graphic design and material have a prominent place in her work. Maud likes to start from a simple 2D motif, which she decomposes in order to develop it in volume and to express all its facets. Poetry emerges from his sculptures and research to create original graphics such as dreamlike multicolored landscapes.

The French designer has also explored a more artistic realm with her organic Oscillations series. You can see more artwork on her website & Instagram page.

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