Synchronistic Pastel Scenes At The Swimming Pool by Maria Svarbova.


Photographer Maria Svarbova was born in 1988; she currently lives in Slovakia. Despite studying restoration and archeology, her preferred artistic medium is photography. Maria is fascinated by the sterile, geometric aesthetic of old swimming pools, especially those built during the Socialist Era in her native country of Slovakia. Each scene she photographs is highly controlled, from the subjects of her works to the bright colors and dramatic shadows that compose each shot.

She creates hauntingly still images of women in Socialist Era public swimming pools. Early on, her photographic work moved from traditional portraits to capture wider topics, generating works with unmistakable characteristic atmosphere. Addressing the loneliness and isolation of contemporary life, her work manages to be both non-sentimental and emotionally powerful. Cool a stillness, striking color palette and unspoken tension of Maria’s artwork led to international recognition, including photographs published in The Guardian.

Here are some of attractive photography by Maria Svarbova. You can see more artwork on his Instagram & website page.

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