Amazing Minimalist Single Line Tattoos Art by Mo Ganji.


With a single delicate black line, Berlin-based tattoo artist Mo Ganji creates the faces of intertwined portraits, the details of flying birds, and the forms of running animals. Born in Iran, but based out of Berlin, Ganji believes that it’s easier to “add and add” than to use limited tools to create something basic. This philosophy results in tattoos that appear to be just one line, and may also have something to do with his outlook on the world.

Each tattoo relies on an unbroken line that varies only slightly in thickness as it weaves in and out of each image, sometimes accompanied by a few accent dots. Seen here is a collection of pieces from the last year. He left it all to draw lines on the skin. Or more precisely, one line. A Mo Ganji tattoo can be simple or complex, but the image is created in one stroke, without lifting pen from paper. The result: animals, mountain ranges, and faces formed in a stark, architectural black outline, and a business that attracts clients from around the world. After coming upon his work on the Internet, we reached out to Ganji to talk.

Here are some of the outstanding Tattoo art by Mo Ganji. You can see more artwork on his Instagram page.

Mo-Ganji-photos (1)

Mo-Ganji-photos (2)

Mo-Ganji-photos (3)

Mo-Ganji-photos (4)

Mo-Ganji-photos (5)

Mo-Ganji-photos (6)