Eye-catching Insect Wings Look like Blooming Flowers Created by Seb Janiak.


Paris-based photographer Seb Janiak has depicted the wings of insects as the petals of flowers. Mimesis is an ongoing latest project by Seb in which he has manipulated photographs of insect wings to look like blooming flowers. Each artwork is created without special effects, he utilized analog photography in combination with superimposition and photomontage to create the layered and hypnotic insect flowers.

Janiak is deeply interested in the mechanisms behind mimicry in nature, where an organism develops appendages, textures, and colors that directly mirror its surroundings. The pieces are digitally edited and pieced together into flower-like forms a sort of meta mimic of a mimic which are then output as chromogenic prints measuring nearly 6 feet square.

Here are some of the Insect Wings Made to Look Like Flowers by Seb Janiak. You can see more art on his website & Instagram page.

seb-janiak-photos (1)

seb-janiak-photos (2)

seb-janiak-photos (3)

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