Stev’nn Hall Created Stunning Mixed Media Landscape Paintings.


Stev’nn Hall blends photography and painting together in an impressionistic style, often focusing his works on the rural landscapes of his Canadian home, or images of flowers he takes in his studio. He composes incredible landscape works by applying his photography techniques and painting skills.

Part photography, part painting, Stev’nn seamlessly blends the two mediums together with his signature style.  Hall finds inspiration from rural landscapes in his Canadian home or from images of flowers he takes in his studio. The  Hall’s process starts with a 35mm camera, after the print is produced he’ll then take some acrylic, ink, and pastel and compliment the landscapes with a little bit of vibrancy. To create these works, Hall begins by taking photographs, combining upwards of 40 digital images per piece into a single, comprehensive panoramic view anchored by a definitive horizon line. Once the image is created in the computer, he prints it and mounts it on birch panel.

Here are some of the awesome mixed media landscape paintings by Stev’nn Hall. You can see more images on his Instagram page.

stevnn-Hall-photos (1)

stevnn-Hall-photos (2)

stevnn-Hall-photos (3)

stevnn-Hall-photos (4)

stevnn-Hall-photos (5)