Artist Guy Laramée Created Incredible Breathtaking Landscapes Carved on Books.


Montreal-based artist Guy Laramée recently unveiled a new body of sculptural work, highlighting his evolving ability to excavate mountainous landscapes, cavernous hollows, and sloping watersheds from the dense pages of re purposed books.

One of his favorite mediums is bound stacks of old dictionaries and encyclopedias which he carves using a method of sandblasting to which he later applies oil paints, inks, pigments and dry pastels, crayon, adhesives, and beeswax.  Whether chainsaw blades or brushes and hand tools, Guy find the proper approach for each minute cut, giving dimension and stunning, vibrant to sculptural canvases that not many had ever imagined. When photographed up close the works appear almost realistic, as if the viewer is looking at aerial or satellite topographies of Earth. The carving itself is heavy work, but it is nothing compared to the sheer anguish of knowing what to do next.

Here are some of the remarkable sculptures by Guy Laramée. You can also see more images on his website & Instagram page.

guy-laramee-photos (2)

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