Designer Kelli Anderson Creates Disruptive Wonder & Pop-up Gadgets using Paper Art.


Artist & designer Kelli Anderson based in Brooklyn, New York, United State of America who has always experimenting with new means of making images and experiences. She draws, photograph, cut, print, code, and create a variety of designs things for herself and others. Kelli goes very deep into her work. Rigorous research, curiosity, and experimentation are all primary parts of her process, and she’s almost obsessive about finding the best way to approach a project.

As a designer who works with one hand in the digital world and one hand in the tactile world, Anderson described to Colossal a flurry of literal back-and-forth between paper and glue and equations and schematics. From the namesake planetarium to a musical instrument, message decoder, and spiral graph, Anderson also includes readers in the sense of wonderment by offering detailed explanations of how each gadget works. Her intention was to create a memorable way to learn foundation physics concepts—especially for artists, children, and people who think with their hands more than they think in numbers.

Presenting to you the awesome artwork by Kelli Anderson. You can also see more images on her website & Instagram page.

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