The Bizarre Geometric Street Art Created by Daan Botlek.


Street artist and illustrator Daan Botlek is based in Rotterdam, Netherland is known for his strange form of character-driven street art. Daan is Playing with aspects of negative space and scale  fills the walls with trademark anonymous figures, often interacting with their environment in a strikingly inventive way.

In order to play this game  he had to break with his past work and start from scratch. From now on, the focus was on developing ideas and concepts; the main subject to play with was the naked human body. Peering over building ledges or breaking out of some invisible force field, Botlek’s scepters seem like stand-ins for the Sisyphean nature of humanity itself. His generally simplistic, site-specific figures often interact with the space around them, passing in and out of unseen dimensions, shedding skin in the process.

Presenting to you the mesmerizing mural art by Daan Botlek. You can see more artwork on his Instagram page.

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