Mike Meyers Captured Amazing Frigid Chicago Photos.


Chicago-Based photographer Mike Meyers shot some amazing views of the windy city this winter. Looking for a constructive way to spend his time after becoming sober, he became passionate about his hobby and soaked in as much as he could about shooting and editing. Chicago city has provided the backdrop for his most memorable work.

Armed with his Sony a7rii and DJI Phantom 4 drones, he takes to the city, capturing the Chicago skyline swathed in a mysterious fog. Unusual ice patterns on Lake Michigan, trains blasting through snow, and skyscrapers swallowed by clouds.  As he’s endeavored on a path as a photographer, Meyers has rediscovered his own city. With a newly sharpened eye, every moment becomes a possible image. By shooting from unexpected angles and perspectives, Meyers’ pictures of Chicago place the city in a new light. His dynamic and unexpected images provoke observers into a newfound appreciation of their surroundings.

Here are some of the unexpected photography by Mike Meyers. You can see more images, visit his website & Instagram page.

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