Elegant Geometric Glass Sculptures by Eunsuh Choi.


No matter how significant or superficial one’s ambition might be, it is the presence of aspiration that beckons us as humans to somehow claim or carve out our own understanding of ourselves within our lifetime. Like a house of cards or a precariously stacked pile of pick-up sticks, it’s a marvel to stare at Eunsuh Choi‘s glass sculptures and wonder how each object doesn’t collapse under its own weight.

One of the central themes of her artistic practice both in metaphor and execution is the idea of ambition, specifically how an individual is willing to push past barriers and risk failure in the pursuit of success. Eunsuh works specifically focuses on communicating the graceful flow of our emotional tendencies through the plastic medium of flame worked glass. She like to work, sculpture, utilizing the form and its surrounding atmosphere to portray narratives based on the human encounter with success and failure in the pursuit of personal ambition. Her interested in portraying human aspiration with organic forms from the new perspective.

The Eunsuh Choi recent work carries a quiet, meditative tone that leans heavily towards its spiritual. You can see more of Choi’s work at Gallery Sklo and Habitat Fine Art.

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