Photographer Franco Banfi Capture mesmerizing underwater photography.


Franco Banfi specializes in underwater photography. Franco  started Wildlife photography out as a hobby for him back in the early 1980s, but it very quickly became a passion. An underwater photographer has captured a rare set of images which capture a pod of sleeping whales.

For the last 10 years Franco has worked professionally as a freelance underwater photographer, working for magazines such as Animan, Focus, GEO, National Geographic Italy and Terre Sauvage. He also teaches fellow photographers and travelers the art of underwater photography. Franco has had several books published, including ‘Underwater Planet’. Has won many awards for his work, including in the Travel Photographer Of The Year 2011, in which he won the ‘Spirit of Adventures Portfolio’ and ‘Best Single Image’ categories. He was also the overall winner in the Nature’s Best Photography Ocean View Photo Contest 2011, for his image of a Beluga whale, as well as winner of the overall ‘Nature and Underwater’ category in the 2010 International Photography Awards (IPA) competition.

Here are some of the unimaginative photography by Franco Banfi. You can also check his website & Instagram page.

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