Edible Sushi Sport Shoes and Sneakers by Yujia Hu.


Milan-based Chinese artist Yujia Hu is a sushi chef, who has just introduced the world to his latest invention. The 28-year-old’s newest invention is “shoe shi,” sneakers and other types of footwear crafted from rice, seaweed, and raw fish. Hu is a huge sports and NBA lover: “Now that he has to handle the family business, unfortunately, he doesn’t have much time to play, but he still wanted to express this passion in something else.

The Sushi chef and illustrator Yujia Hu is the man behind the shoe-shaped delicacies. A sports lover and foodie, he transforms tiny strands of black seaweed, nori and smooth slips of pink flesh to give each rice-based shoe-shi its designer features. The miniature kicks are mostly sneakers, but also include a few pairs of slip on sandals, and are each 100% edible. Every shoe takes Hu about 30 minutes to produce, and often finalizes the work by adding the logo of a recognizable brand such as Nike, Adidas, or Supreme.

Here are some of the amazing food art by Chinese artist Yujia Hu. Let’s check out his Instagram & Facebook page.

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