Attractive Playground nighttime photography by Japanese Artist Kito Fujio.


For all the noise and activity Japanese playgrounds get during the day, they become quiet pockets of solitude during the nighttime. This is when office worker turned photographer Kito Fujio visits them, focusing his camera on the cement molded playground equipment that come in the form of animals, robots and other everyday items.

The sculptural, cement-molded play equipment is often modeled after animals that children would be familiar with. But they also take on the form of robots, abstract geometric forms and sometimes even household appliances. Kids can clamber up the arm of a giant frog and slide down his tongue. They can climb onto the back of a dinosaur made of upright logs, or into the mouth of a whale. Giant grasshopper with a set of monkey bars for antennae? Hell yes. There are also huge robots, appliances, and even abstract forms.  Fujio’s process is not entirely clear, but it appears he visits the parks at night and lights up the equipment from the inside, but also from the outside, which often creates an ominous feel to the harmless equipment.

Kito Fujio released a series of photo books titled Playground Equipment. Let’s check out his website.

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