Aleksey Kondakov Made Awesome Classical Art With Contemporary City Scenes


Alexey Kondakov, is an artist based in Kiev, Ukraine, who has created a series of Photo shopped images that answer this question. Ukrainian art director Alexey not only imagined what these celestial figures would look like on the bus, but realized his imaginings through Photoshop to share with all of us.

For his series The Daily Life Of Gods, he’s taken figures from classical art and popped them in car parks, on public transport, and in decrepit back yards. They somehow look like they belong there, their forlorn expressions and sad demean ours matching the tatty seats of the bus or the pussy stone floors of the subway. It’s interesting to consider how our impressions of these gods change given their new context. They may seem elegant or royal in a painting in a museum, but when superimposed into recognizable parts of modern life, some of them seem begin to seem like obnoxiously drunken revelers.

Here are some of the Classical Paintings Re-imagined as Part of Modern-Day Italian Life by  Alexey Kondakov. You can view more of his digitally altered scenes on his Instagram and Facebook page.

Alexey-Kondakov-photos (1)

Alexey-Kondakov-photos (2)

Alexey-Kondakov-photos (3)

Alexey-Kondakov-photos (4)

Alexey-Kondakov-photos (5)