Javier De Riba Spray Paints the Floors of Derelict Buildings with Geometric Patterns.


Artist Javier De Riba a creative Catalan designer born in Barcelona. He paints, floors instead of walls, mapping out interlocking patterns in the style of intricate tiles. His ‘floors’ project sees colorful, geometrically patterned faux tiles imprinted on concrete surfaces, sidewalks and skate parks using stencils and spray paint.

He works as part of the Re skate Arts & Crafts Collective, who develop graphics and communication projects with a focus on sustainability and humane treatment. With each new endeavor, his restlessness brings him to question his personal style, and reinterpret it to best serve each project. All of his pieces are created with spray paint and stencils, yet the resulting works are almost indistinguishable from the floors of traditional Catalan homes where he was raised. Typically placed in abandoned buildings, De Riba’s geometric patterns stand in stark contrast to the derelict walls that surround them, each painting breathing new life into crumbling architecture.

Here are some of the massive mural art by Javier De Riba. You can see  more art on his website and Instagram page.

javier-de-Riba-photos (1)

javier-de-Riba-photos (2)

javier-de-Riba-photos (3)

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