Colorful Edible Vegan Food Arrangement Works by 16-year-old Food Artist Jose.


“Life is too short to eat boring food”, get ready to meet a 16-year-old Instagrammer named Jose who is banished ‘boring food’ by crafting colorful, vibrant, and completely vegan breakfasts and sweets that even dedicated carnivores are drooling over. Right from colorful smoothie bowls to vegan cheesecake, his creations look like art on a plate and are almost too pretty to eat.

The teen tries out a variety of trendy dishes, such as a smoothie bowls and raw cheesecakes, with shimmering frozen fruit, acting as both the main ingredient and the ‘crown of jewels’ in each meal. Creamy, fresh textures abound, making each creation seem more satisfying than the last. The most appealing part of Jose’s culinary delights, however, is the sheer amount of color he manages to pack into each one. Over the last few years, many people are drawn to the vegan lifestyle for its health benefits. However, vegan food is often considered unsatisfying, or even tasteless, but one look at Jose’s artistic creations will change your perception about vegan food.

Presenting you to the pretty to eat vegan food art by 16-year-old Jose artist . You can also see more art on his Instagram page. So you’ll be hungry after scrolling down and seeing these all-natural treats for yourself.

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