Delicately Hand Crafted Tiny Insects Sculptures Made Out of Bamboo by Noriyuki Saitoh.


Sometimes art can look so real, it’s hard to believe it was made by human hands. Japanese artist Noriyuki Saitoh constructs life-sized insects using bamboo. The artist used natural material’s versatility lends a surprisingly wide range of colors and textures to each creature.

The first impression is of insects that are ready to crawl or fly off the page, Saitoh engages a thoughtful process of paring down each bug to its essential forms that give the impression of life. “We are not preparing specimens and replicas, we strictly measure the dimensions and prioritize the appearance, features, and senses rather than proportions being exact,” write the artist on his website.

The resulting sculptures are a fascinating look at how our flawed memory has its own way of shaping reality—even with something as small as a grasshopper. Take a look at some of his incredible work & Saitoh is active on Twitter and Facebook where you can follow more of his creations and see works in progress.

 Noriyuki-Saitoh-bamboo-insects (1)

Noriyuki-Saitoh-bamboo-insects (2)

Noriyuki-Saitoh-bamboo-insects (3)

Noriyuki-Saitoh-bamboo-insects (4)

Noriyuki-Saitoh-bamboo-insects (5)