Outstanding Realistic Wooden Food Sculptures Created by Seiji Kawasaki.


Wood carving artist Seiji Kawasaki has us completely duped with his amazingly realistic food creations. Artist Born in Numazu, Japan in the Shizuoka Prefecture in 1984, Seiji grew up and went to Tohoku University hoping to earn a degree in engineering. However, he dropped out in 2013 and began to pursue his artistic talents. Working with tiny pieces of wood, Seiji carves realistic foods that look almost good enough to eat depends on your taste.

From salty sardines, to spicy red peppers, and even bars of sweet chocolate, surprisingly delicious-looking foods emerge from the whittled wood. Though exquisite, these works of art also serve a very real purpose. From chocolate bars that emerge from jagged pieces of wood to peppers and dried minnows that double as chopstick holders, the artist can create any edible item from a block of wood in just a few hours. The delectable-looking pieces take about 2-3 hours to complete, which is amazing considering the amount of detail apparent within each tiny recreation.

Look at these stunning Hand-carving art by Seiji Kawasaki. You can also see her more work on Instagram page.

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