Artist Hsu Tung Han’s Creates Outstanding Pixelated Wooden Figures.


Taiwanese artist Hsu Tung Han recently unveiled his latest sculptural work, a 5-foot snorkeler that appears partially pixilated. In a clash of digital and analogue, artist  Hsu Tung Han carves figurative sculptures from wood that appear to be dissolving into fields of pixels.

Han successfully creates the bizarre yet magnificently original illusion of pixelation in 3D form. He applies this technique masterfully on his most recent finished product, which depicts a snorkeler underwater. Han views the carved figures of men and women as puzzles, planning for each configuration through a series of drawings and clay models. Then he produces the final work from segments of walnut, teak, or African wax, wood, carving cubed pieces of the sculptures to give the Illusion of suspended levitation or a paused transformation.

Here are some of the amazing sculpture art created by Hsu Tung Han. You can see his more beautiful sculpture on her Instagram page.

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