Japanese Designer Keiko Otsuhata Created Anatomical Fish Zip Bags.


Many great ideas in Japan are often inspired by a simple pun. Such was the case for designer Keiko Otsuhata. In Japan, fried fish (especially mackerel) are often seen on bar menus, and is prepared by splitting, the fish through its stomach and frying it flat. She is made to bring a new dimension to the popularity of fish as food by turning the sea creature into a functional-out-of-water zip bag.

The sight of fried fish is common visual vocabulary in Japan, but Otsuhata was curious about what the fish looked like in its pre-fried state, so she bought one from the grocery store, took photographs, and made it into a zip bag.

Here are some the outstanding artwork created by Keiko Otsuhata. You can also see her new images on personal website.