Artist Berk Armagan Travels The World & Reflect What He Sees on Coffee Cups.


22 years old of self-taught artist & tourist from Istanbul, Turkey Berk Armagan who utilizes paper coffee cups as his canvas. Berk loves to traveling the world, that why he first decides what to draw before he visits the location but sometimes he gets inspired by the streets and the buildings on the spots as well.

Berk takes a trip with plain cups and all of the illustrations are made on the roadway. He hitchhikes and camps on most of his journey. He also experiences difficult conditions and has limited time to do his work. Berk sells his magnificent works of art to fund his travels and contribute to charities that provide food and shelter for stray animals in his native Turkey.

Berk’s each drawing of glass takes from 30 minutes to 5 hours to complete. Berk’s entire collection of travel photos are available to view on Instagram and his website.

Brandenburg Gate, BerlinBerk-Armagan-coffee-aup-artist (2)

Coliseum, RomeBerk-Armagan-coffee-aup-artist (3)


Bergen, NorwayBerk-Armagan-coffee-aup-artist (4)


Stockholm, SwedenBerk-Armagan-coffee-aup-artist (5)


Mona Lisa, Louvre, ParisBerk-Armagan-coffee-aup-artist (6)


Brugge, Belfry Of BruggeBerk-Armagan-coffee-aup-artist (7)


Cologne, Cologne CathedralBerk-Armagan-coffee-aup-artist (8)

Copenhagen, Christiansborg PalaceBerk-Armagan-coffee-aup-artist (9)

Dresden, KunsthofpassageBerk-Armagan-coffee-aup-artist (10)

Krakow, Wawel CastleBerk-Armagan-coffee-aup-artist (11)

Paris, Eiffel TowerBerk-Armagan-coffee-aup-artist (12)


Pisa, Leaning Tower Of PisaBerk-Armagan-coffee-aup-artist (13)


Prague, Dancing HouseBerk-Armagan-coffee-aup-artist (14)

Amsterdam, Portrait Of Van GoghBerk-Armagan-coffee-aup-artist (15)