Andrea Ucini Creates Conceptual Images That Reflect On Social Problems.


Andrea Ucini in an Italian freelance illustrator living and working in Denmark. Who creates graphic representations of of some of the world’s most nurturing problems, such as the refugee crisis, female equality at work, violence or US economy collapse. The target of all his work is turning complex concepts into strong visual solutions without straying too far from the reality of everyday life.

Andrea is composing music and playing several instruments. He is always using music as an inspiration tool in his working progress. You can view more of the illustrator’s work on his InstagramBehance, and Anna Goodson Illustration Agency where he is currently represented.

From “Silvio Berlusconi. The untouchable man”.Conceptual-art-Unveil-Hidden Worlds-Andrea-Ucini (1)


The Pain Is Real: Scientific Effects Heartbreak Has On The Body.Conceptual-art-Unveil-Hidden Worlds-Andrea-Ucini (2)


How to Know When You’ve Met the OneConceptual-art-Unveil-Hidden Worlds-Andrea-Ucini (3)


How to create & grasp your opportunitiesConceptual-art-Unveil-Hidden Worlds-Andrea-Ucini (4)


How to avoid the “Like Sindrome “Conceptual-art-Unveil-Hidden Worlds-Andrea-Ucini (5)


“How to trust” Sometimes you can judge a book by its cover.Conceptual-art-Unveil-Hidden Worlds-Andrea-Ucini (6)


BeautyConceptual-art-Unveil-Hidden Worlds-Andrea-Ucini (7)


Third age is the beginning of a new experienceConceptual-art-Unveil-Hidden Worlds-Andrea-Ucini (8)


Antisocial behavior and use of drugsConceptual-art-Unveil-Hidden Worlds-Andrea-Ucini (9)


Dark times of AmericaConceptual-art-Unveil-Hidden Worlds-Andrea-Ucini (10)