Beautiful Contemporary Artwork by Kevin Vigil.


Kevin Vigil aka K-Rock is an illustrator, fine artist, and live painter Born in Germany then moved to the Los Angeles, California, United States of America. Kevin works primarily with oils, acrylics & Fredrick canvas.

His background comes from graffiti than he started doing graffiti at 14 years old and about 20 years old he got inspired by artist Salvador Dali. Vigil is a vibrant member of our forever expanding community. He was determined to share his love and creativity across all boundaries, becoming a fanatic of painting

Presenting you to the amazing painting by Kevin Vigil & you can follow him Instagram page for more information.

 Kevin-Vigil-painting (1)

Kevin-Vigil-painting (2)

Kevin-Vigil-painting (3)

Kevin-Vigil-painting (4)

Kevin-Vigil-painting (5)