Russell Powell Stunningly Paints Realistic Portraits on Hand & Stamps Them on Paper.


California, based teacher & artist Russell Powell create impressive imprints that blur the line between traditional portraiture and experimental body art. Using his hand as a makeshift stamp, Powell produces extraordinarily detailed depictions of realistic and expressive faces. Powell has been teaching at the same school for 14 years, and also runs Pangaean Studios.

To create each impressive imprint, Powell employs a unique process he calls “hand-stamping.” Russell first paint a picture on the palm of his hand. This step must be completed quickly, as the paint needs to remain wet in order for the image to be successfully transferred. Once his work of body art is finished, he simply presses his hand onto a sheet of paper or canvas, and voila—a perfect print.

Look closely, and you’ll even see his fingerprints forever embedded in his subjects’ faces, quite literally demonstrating “the hand of the artist” in Russell Powell work! You can see more of Powell’s handiwork on his Instagram.


#1. John Lennonhand-print-portraits-russell-powell-1



#2.Daenerys Targaryen, Game Of Throneshand-print-portraits-russell-powell-3



#3. Dalai Lamahand-print-portraits-russell-powell-5



#4. Tupac Shakurhand-print-portraits-russell-powell-7