Charlie Layton Decorates Refrigerators With Unbelievable Doodling Drawings.

Charlie Layton is a freelance designer and illustrator based in Philadelphia, United State Of America.  One day Layton was eating breakfast when he realized the refrigerator in his rental apartment was made from a similar material to a dry erase board. He decided to doodle a picture on the smooth surface of the freezer door, and posted the photo of the drawing to Facebook.

On each Friday, Layton grabs his morning coffee and takes 20 to 30 minutes to compose a drawing of whatever pops into his head, whether it’s a subject that is somehow freezer-oriented or an homage to a cult film. He snaps a photo of the illustration in order to share it online, before erasing the art all together. Charlie graduated with a BFA from Kutztown University in 2004 & he has worked for advertising and marketing agencies.

Here are some of the amazing artwork by Charlie Layton, the recent surge in popularity promptly shuts down his website & Instagram page.