You May Not See These 10 Gadgets In Next Ten Years.


Technology is ever-changing and ever-evolving day by day. Remember the age of Sony Walkman, Pagers and Kodak cameras. Those were the inspirational materials during our younger days.  This makes the rate of obsolescence in the technology industry faster than any other industry. Technologies that look so much part of our life right now may fade completely in the next few years. The same way many technologies which are currently an integral part of our life will disappear in the next decade.

Here are 10 gadgets that may cease to exist in the next 10 years.

#1. Classic analog watchesclassic-analog-watches

With tech giants coming up with more efficient and multitasking smart watches, we might be the last ones to see analog watches. The smart watches are also likely to get new features such as short throw projector to show keyboards or dial pads.

#2. Cordless phonescordless-phones

Cordless telephones are likely to get replaced with tiny microphones installed everywhere around the place we live. So all our calls in the future will take place without any breaks and virtual assistants will alert us about an incoming call or even schedule a group call.

#3. Desktopsdesktops

Like laptops, the use of desktops too may turn futile when one can simply carry their data around anywhere in the world and do the same work on any display.

#4. External hard drivesexternal-hard-drives

Most of our work will shift to cloud and there won’t be any need for portable hard drives even for backups. We already have multiple services to store contact information, media files, office presentation and more in the cloud.

#5. Laptopslaptops

Laptops too may become a thing of the past in next 10 years. Most of us may probably be working on virtual keyboards projected on a table or wall. Table surfaces too may function as screens. As far as face-to-face interactions go, we may likely be connected via wireless webcams with microphones.

#6. Plastic moneyplastic-money

We rely so much on our debit and credit cards for its ease of transactions and the ability to not carry hard cash around. Despite these benefits, plastic money might disappear soon as you would be able to order anything online and your virtual bank assistant might do the rest for you.

#7. Remote Controlsremote-controls

Remote controls could be the first device in the list to go off in the future. Most devices and appliances in the future will be gesture or voice controlled. We already have bulbs and air conditioners, which automatically turns on or off when their motion sensors detect a moving body in the range.

#8. Smartphonessmartphones

Smartphones are so angel in our lives that we can’t even imagine a day without it. But surprising as it may, with so much of personal data lying around and ease of accessing these for all our smartphone related purposes, the device itself will no longer be required in the future.

#9. Speakersspeakers

We couldn’t have done without speakers till now. But soon, they will be replaced by ultra compact speakers hiding in plain sight and streaming audio wirelessly via Bluetooth. We might also be able to simply tell our virtual assistant to play a song and it’ll do just that.

#10. Wall-mounted TV’swall-mounted-tvs

Unbelievable, but true. Those 55 inched LED screens on your halls will soon be replaced with mirror-finished displays. Some variations of these are already there in the market, but are still to become mainstream.