A Virtual Miniature Diorama World Using Everyday Objects by Kay Burn Lim.


The miniature works of art represent a commitment to excellence that goes beyond the desire to merely create in a small format.The first criteria of miniatures is no different from larger works.

Kay Burn Lim is an Underwater cinematographer and occasional photographer who has photographed the macro photographs tiny toys with everyday objects & made them inventive and imaginative miniature scenes.

These macro photography of little people with things from the normal world. This  macro photographs shows something different from the standard photography. These photography were not that easy as they sound to be, they took several hours to create it required the perfect angle.

Presenting you the mesmerizing cute & tiny world created by Kay Burn Lim & can also follow him INSTAGRAM for more stuff.

#1. Picasso at workKay-Burn-Lim-minitures-work (1)


#2. Had eggs for breakfast todayKay-Burn-Lim-minitures-work (2)


#3. Digging for Edamame beansKay-Burn-Lim-minitures-work (3)


#4. Matchstick LumberjacksKay-Burn-Lim-minitures-work (4)


#5. Macro PhotographerKay-Burn-Lim-minitures-work (5)