Haunting Self-Portraits In Order To Show The Story of Depression by Janelia Mould.

Janelia Mould is a fine art photographer from South Africa and is based in Plettenberg Bay. She has been focusing on conceptual and portrait photography for the past three years. Through her conceptual photography she invites the viewer to experience the inner workings of her mind.

The character in this series called “Melancholy – a girl called depression” who has no face and sometimes has missing limbs, firstly, so that anybody that either suffers from depression or has dealt with it in some way, can identify with her. Janelia to keep the viewer’s attention on the feelings often experienced through depression, like emptiness, hopelessness and not recognizing oneself anymore. This series goal is to bring a voice to those who suffer from this debilitating condition and also to create awareness.

Janelia is completely self taught and wishes to share her work as she ventures on this journey of self discovery. She creates under the name Cheeky Ingelosi. Here are some of the amazing Conceptual Self-Portraits by Janelia Mould & you can follow her on Facebook for more images.