Origami Animals Sculptures In Glass Bell Jars By Floriane Touitou.

Origami is beautiful yet fragile, but Floriane Touitou artist based in Paris, Île-de-France, France found a way to “preserve” her paper folding. Floriane protects her intricate origami animals by putting them under glass and these decorations produce a unique charming vibe. Floriane Folded by hand in selected papers, animals and insects are preciously naturalized in bells and frames.

Inspired by natural history museums, preservation methods, the artist got the idea of the glass bell and the entomologist frame. Highlighted in such a box, the origami becomes an elegant and lasting home decoration. Purchased these elegant sculptures in her Etsy shop and illuminate your home with Florigami origami decorative objects!

Floriane hand-folds high quality Washi paper made of paper mulberry using the ancient Japanese technique of origami. Here are some of the mesmerizing Origami Paper Animals in Glass created by Floriane Touitou & you can follow her on Instagram page for more images.