Delicate-Yet-Energetic Wire Bird Sculptures by Celia Smith.

As other artists use pencil but Celia Smith is an artist from the United Kingdom who has used wire as a drawing material. What is so amusing about her creations is that her 3D bird sculptures look just like 2D drawings. She combines great technical skill with carefully observed naturalistic details to create deceptively simple pieces full of life and energy.

Her sculptures are meant to embody the bird’s vitality, Celia’s pieces feature the birds portraying their typical mannerisms such as soaring as a flock or simply grazing the ground in search of food. Even the type of wire chosen is important for Celia, with copper being chosen for many of her pieces’ legs and beaks due to its color.

Here are some of the mesmerizing wire bird sculptures created by Celia Smith. To see her full series of wire bird sculptures, visit her website, and follow her on Twitter to keep up with her latest work.