Outstanding Oil Painting Using Cake Pipping Tools By Ivan Alifan.

Award-winning painter, Ivan Alifan based in New York who has specialized in the human figure creating an evocative mood through his use of a limited color palette. Ivan graduated from OCAD University in 2012 with a Bachelor in Fine Arts in Drawing and Painting. Some of his paintings involve dripping giants immersed in surreal landscapes.

“It’s Not Milk” is a series of oil paintings by Ivan itself in that he figures literally ooze with eroticism, their faces eager and serene as they receive the milk-white anointment. He participated in the Hermitage Museum residency in St. Petersburg, Russian and was part of OCAD U’s Off-Campus studies program, studying abroad in Florence, Italy.

Here are some of The strange and dripping portraits created by Ivan Alifan & you can follow him Instagram page for more stuff.