Fantastic Galaxy Animals by Déborah Maradan aka ThreeLeaves


Talented artist Déborah Maradan also known as ThreeLeaves from Switzerland who creates stunning galaxy paintings of animals and nature. Animals and nature are two things very close to Déborah heart and she loves to watch stars at night, so Déborah decided to mix all these things together and makes outstanding artworks.

Déborah uses watercolor and white drawing ink to create exquisite and unique artwork. To make one artworks Déborah takes 30 minutes to an hour.

Look at these amazing galaxy paintings created by Déborah Maradan. You can also follow her on Facebook.

galaxy-paintings-created-by-deborah-maradan-image-1 galaxy-paintings-created-by-deborah-maradan-image-2 galaxy-paintings-created-by-deborah-maradan-image-3 galaxy-paintings-created-by-deborah-maradan-image-4 galaxy-paintings-created-by-deborah-maradan-image-5