Unusual Combination Of Photography & Watercolors Tells Beautiful Narratives by Aliza Razell.

Watercolor Artist and photographer Aliza Razell based in Massachusetts, United State of America who has created several abstract narratives by merging the two mediums in Photoshop. Aliza combining self-portrait photographs with vibrant strokes of watercolors in her two stunning series entitled ‘Anesidora’ and ‘Ikävä’.

Each of her images is a self-portrait captured in nature and perfectly combined afterwords with its watercolor elements in Photoshop. The combination of posing in anticipation of the colorful additions and her careful painting into the photograph produces images full of visual excitement.

Here are some of the Photographs and Watercolors Merge Paintings by Aliza Razell. You can find more of Aliza’s work on her Flickr or follow her on Facebook.