Brent Estabrook Stuffed Animal Oil Paintings That Bring Back Childhood Joy.

Brent Estabrook  is a 31-year-old artist from Los Angeles, taps into that childhood feeling to create gorgeous, incredibly detailed paintings of stuffed animals. To create his stuffed menageries, the artist paints a combination of random stuffed animals and characters we all know and love, including My Little Pony, Mickey Mouse, Mike Wazowski, Nemo and Elmo.

The largest stuffed animal painting Estabrook has made is 84 inches by 72 inches using oil paints. Estabrook followed his dreams by dedicating his art to painting stuffed animals, and he is passionate about inspiring young people back to the state of childhood. Estabrook displays an unrelenting focus on the detail and placement of every brushstroke.

Let’s look at these incredibly detailed paintings of stuffed animals by Brent Estabrook. Be sure to follow him on Instagram page.