Rachael Ashe Created A Lovely Altered Books Art.

A multidisciplinary artist based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada Rachael Ashe creates an incredibly beautiful works of art from books. She began her career as a graduate of the Creative Photography program at Humber College but over the past seven years her focus has evolved from photography to paper-based work including paper cutter, paper crafting, Altered Book art etc.

Primarily Rachael use recycled materials and found objects to conceive his work, combining color, texture and striking compositions to create art pieces that express my love of animal, nature, and imagination. Rachael has exhibited in Toronto, Halifax, Vancouver, Salt Lake City, Los Angeles, Portland, San Francisco, and the UK, as well as published in numerous books and magazines.

Here are some of the Beautiful Book Art created by Rachael Ashe and be sure to visit her Instagram page and Personal Blog.