Hyperrealistic Conceptual photography world by Adrian Sommeling & His Son’s

Using photo composition, photoshop, and his expert image-manipulation skills, photographer and digital artist based in Netherlands Adrian Sommeling creates surreal images featuring his son. He is incredibly skilled at making HDR – High dynamic range photographs and by using Photoshop to heighten the features.

In his spare time, Adrian creates photos out of surreal situations, his son frequently being the main character of the scene. Through his son, Adrian finds himself able to disclose his own past and future stories. Each of Sommeling’s photoshopped images features his son and sometimes himself in awesome scenarios.

Here are some of the Dad Photoshops His Son Into Epic Scenarios by using Manipulation Skills by Adrian Sommeling and you see more amazing photoshop on Instagram page and Facebook. If you want to learn to photo manipulation your own surreal pics, you can learn from Sommeling himself by purchasing his tutorials on his website.