Chris Burr Martin Creatively Teaches Daughter Lesson by Recreating Her Selfies.

Burr Martin Host/ LCCC costume contest, Comedian, Selfie Dad. 48-year-old Washington-based father of three has started his very own Instagram account in which he recreates his daughter photos in the very same sexy manner. Chris now has twice as many followers 104K as his daughter has!

Like most fathers would be, Chris “Burr” Martin was taken aback when he saw that comment posted in response to one of his 19-year-old daughter Cassie’s sexy selfies on her Instagram account. Instead of telling her to stop posting the photos or giving her a long lecture, the Spokane, creatively decided to take some selfies of his own.
Here are few of the Burr Martin hilariously re-creates daughter’s sexy selfies and you can see more images on his Instagram account.