Shadows Give Illusion to Figures Walking on Walls by Anders Gjennestad aka Strøk.

Norwegian stencil artist Anders Gjennestad also known as Strøk, who has created these black and white figures on the wall. Actually, he is the one who painted a group of kids playing on either end of an elementary school building. He made photo-realistic images to fool the eyes by using his sophisticated method of multi-layered templates.

Due to the solid shadows, viewers can then misinterpret their perspective and start to believe the illusion that those kids are really walking up the walls. Anders uses grey shades to makes his murals feel timeless. Strøk’s canvas is often rusty metal, wooden palettes, gritty walls, or shiny glass, that interact with his subjects.

Loot at these stunning optical illusion i.e. shadow drawings on a wall by Anders Gjennestad. You can follow him on Facebook Account.