Emotional Manipulation Oil Paintings by Ania Tomicka.

Ania Tomicka was born in 1985 in Lodz, Poland. Ania creates beautiful oil color paintings which includes cute and kawaii things from her imagination on wood and canvas. When she was only 9 she moved to Italy, where she started to draw seriously. She attended an art institute and graduated in 2004.

During the school years Ania starts to paint with oil colors, a technique that soon to became her favorite. Ania has always been interested in realistic, renaissance works. Ania’s wonderful work is injected with her own unique surrealist twist and she paints scenarios which suggest that not all of the universe’s mysteries can be understood through human logic and reasoning.

Let’s look at these stunning surrealist oil paints creations by Ania Tomicka. Her online portfolio is aniayomicka, her Facebook and Instagram page.