Resin: Resembling Splashing Frozen Liquid Sculptures by Annaluigia Boeretto

Annaluigia Boeretto aka Annalù is a Venice, Italy based artist who has created frozen liquid sculptures that evoke movement and drip with drama. They could capture the unexpected magnificence of splashing water. With a focus on texture and an interest in illusion, Annalù’s artwork comprises beautiful sculptures that experiment with abstraction.

In her Liquidity series, some pieces are entirely organic, while others portray recognizable forms, like intricate, exploding flowers and overflowing books that appear to burst at the seams. Annalù has an upcoming solo exhibition at East West Fine Art and you can see more of her work on Instagram.

The material is saturated in a wash of blended pastel tones and stained with bright pops of color, resulting in a dreamy aesthetic that is aptly reminiscent of a watercolor painting. That substance is called resin. Here are some of the examples of Annaluigia Boeretto frozen liquid sculptures.