The Creative Doodling from Shadow by Vincent Bal.

Belgium-based filmmaker Vincent Bal turns shadows into opportunities to daydream, creating doodles out of the various shapes. He started drawing shadow series when he was working on a new script, he noticed how the teacup made a nice shadow on a piece of paper so he started drawing some lines on it and suddenly the shadow was an elephant, he took a photo with phone and posted on Instagram.

His free artistic interpretation of the shadows means the possibilities for creating new doodles are endless. “I can create whatever I want. It’s quick, it’s light and it’s playful. It’s a very pure way of letting my creative juices flow. I draw a few lines and I get my image. It’s really the shadows that inspire me,”Bal says.

Here are some of the creepiest drawing shadows by Vincent Bal. You can follow him on Facebook page.