Would You Liked Human Pokemon Version Create by Tamtamdi ???


Ever wondered how Shellder or Snorlax would look if they were human? Hold on tight because South Korean illustration artist Tamtamdi currently based in California, United State of America re-imagines Pokémon as humans and to some these human Pokemon look as cute as they might be.

Consequently, Tamtamdi has created over 250 stunning fan art pieces of Human Pokémon also known as Gijinka. He gave each and every one of them a specific character and distinguished look. Tamtamdi told that it usually takes 30 min – 1 hour to finish one drawing.

Here are some of the Human Pokemon Character by Tamtamdi. Which Human Pokemon you liked?

1. Eeveehumanized-pokemon-gijinka-illustrations-tamtamdi-1

2. Charizardhumanized-pokemon-gijinka-illustrations-tamtamdi-2

3. Rapidashhumanized-pokemon-gijinka-illustrations-tamtamdi-3

4. Meowthhumanized-pokemon-gijinka-illustrations-tamtamdi-4

5. Onixhumanized-pokemon-gijinka-illustrations-tamtamdi-5