Handmade LED Mushroom Desk Lamps Glowing Your Room by Yukio Takano.


Mushrooms are the incredible, unsung heroes of the natural world. Mushrooms provide several important nutrients to the human body, but can you imagine that Mushrooms turn your room into a Glowing forest. Yes, Japanese designer Yukio Takano creates these little lamp designs which at first glance look like real mushrooms that grow on logs.

Each lamp Made with glass, salvaged driftwood and outfitted with energy efficient LEDs and unique little light switches, then planted on rough pieces of wood and wired to be turned on with vintage electric switches. These lamps are running on batteries. Takano who creates all these Magic Mushrooms under the name The Great Mushrooming.

Presenting you to these whimsical mushroom lamps can turn your room into an enchanted forest by Yukio Takano.



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