Ephemeral Wearable Balloon Dresses by Molly Munyan.

Molly Munyan self inflated balloon artist residing in Kansas City, Missouri, United State of America. She creates cheerful balloon dresses and sometimes brightens up various events wearing them. Molly became a professional balloon artist working with kid and adult parties in Kansas City, and she has embraced her career to the point where she has adopted a new name i.e Molly Balloons.

The balloon dress has now become a core part of Molly’s business. To make her dresses, Molly starts by building rows of balloons on a dress form. She usually sticks to 100 % balloon materials for her dresses, but will be experimenting with different textiles soon. Molly keeps adding rows until the dress takes shape and each dress can take anywhere from seven to 17 hours straight to make.

Here are some of the incredible dresses out of balloons by Molly Munyan aka Molly Balloons. You can follow her on Instagram page @mollyballoons.