Candy Colored Impressive Animal Tattoos By Sasha Unisex.

Sasha Unisex is a very young and multidisciplinary tattoo artist, painter and illustrator from Moscow, Russia. She graduated from the St Lviv National Academy of Arts back in 2010 and is now owned it with her distinct painterly style of tattooing. Her unusual approach to the tattoo world has made her famous across the globe.

She uses watercolor in her technique of making the tattoo and it is fresh and new to the eyes. Sasha gets inspiration from nature and the animal kingdom. She juxtaposes different colors to emphasize boundaries and create a 3-dimensional quality. Much of her work is featuring a many different animals and nature tattoo in various color shades.

Here are some of the fascinating watercolor tattoo by Sasha Unisex, see her more work on Instagram page @sashaunisex.