Stunning sketches on books & notebook by BAV SINGH


Architecture student BAV SINGH is a talented artist BAV creates books and notebooks adorned with magnificent defamation and charcoal outstanding examples of the work that the artist BAV SINGH depicts animal and human portraits.

The book which artist draws on, he took away from a friend who was about to dispose of it due to the bad condition, BAV is an avid reader don’t like to throwing away books. He thought and make stunning sketches on books and notebooks which looks unique and magnificent.

Here are some of the amazing sketches on books and notebook created by BAV SINGH. You can also check out his more artwork on Instagram page @bav_k.


sketches-on-books-and-notebook-by-bav-singh-image-2 sketches-on-books-and-notebook-by-bav-singh-image-3 sketches-on-books-and-notebook-by-bav-singh-image-4