Cute Pokemon Terrariums Hand Crafted by Lauren.

Texas based artist Lauren creates Poke-ball Terrariums i.e. Poke Ball design and create little Pokemon terrariums inside them including a Pokemon character. These beautiful looking Poke-balls show your favorite Pokémon in their natural habitat. According to the Lauren, they have been in huge demand and she already has more than 100 people waiting in line to get their hands on these miniature terrariums.

Each terrarium is made by hand, and features adorable scenes made with high quality figurines and crafting supplies. Lauren, sells them on her Etsy shop ‘TheVintageRealm‘ so you can buy your favorite poke-ball Terrariums, in three different sizes, with shipping offered within the U.S. only. With each piece taking roughly three hours to create.

Here are some of the stunning Poke-ball Terrariums created by Lauren . You can also check out more examples of the terrariums over on Twitter.