Rock the Party Tonight with these Fantasy Animal Jewelry by Ellen Rococo.

Ellen Rococo from Kiev, Ukraine who has created the mythical animal jewelry using various minerals and polymer clay. Ellen is a jewelry designer and stylist, makeup artist, model, photographer, musician, a fan of the beautiful and stylish things. She finds inspiration in fantasy motives, organic and bionic forms and she loves to create characters referring to history, religion and mythology.

Ellen jewelry includes necklace, Pendant, rings, brooches and jewelry boxes. In some of her  pieces, combination of  polymer clay with semi-precious stones, metal, pearls, bones, claws, corals and other ex-living creature parts. Ellen has thrive to give every piece an exclusive and unique style so that there is no other piece like this anywhere else.

Look at these outstanding creatures and birds jewelers by Ellen Rococo. For more stuff you can see her Instagram page @ellenrococo, and visit her Etsy shop.