Painting That Pointing The Stages Of Life And Death by Gustavo Rimada.

Gustavo Rimada was born in Mexican town Torreon in 1981 after moving in California, United State of America who creates paintings exude a particular blend of influences and a very unique emotion. He paints catholic imagery like the faces of beautiful women, imaginative re-inventions of animals and insects and macabre subjects with acrylic color on wooden panel.

After spending three years in army Rimada started working at a tattoo shop, that tattoo world inspired Gustavo artwork to a whole new life and with new passion.  The latest part of Rimada’s work presented at C.A.V.E. Gallery explored the metaphoric quality of different human body parts painting. All testifying to the impressive mastery of technique that Rimada has used and take lots of attention of viewers.

Look at these stunning masterpieces of painting by Gustavo Rimada. You can also see his more artwork on Instagram page.